Counselling for your child

Counselling for children and teenagers


Deciding if your child may benefit from counselling can be difficult and scary. If you would like to chat to me about it first, then please contact me for a free phone consultation.


Often children and young people are very nervous about going to counselling, so it’s helpful if you show them my website and explain a bit about why they are going and what to expect. I will never make your child talk about something that they do not want to share with me and they are free to discuss whatever they want. I may get them to draw pictures or be creative during the session because often they find this an easier way to express themselves. I may also get them to do visualisation techniques or mindfulness and I often use CBT techniques.


Depending on the age of your child, I may ask you to come in for some of the first session. Teenagers who are competent enough to fully understand what counselling is and the boundaries of confidentiality do not need a parent with them, however I will take your contact details so that I can contact you if necessary.


For younger teenagers I ask that a parent or guardian comes in with them at the beginning of the session and I will explain how counselling and confidentiality works with you present.


For younger children it may be appropriate for you to come in for part of the session so that you can give me an overview of the issue(s) and then, if your child is comfortable, I will ask you to wait outside so I can talk to your child by themselves. I will not ask you to leave before your child feels comfortable to be by themselves.




If you have any questions about me or the way I work then please do contact me.

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